Our company supplies and installs synthetic geocomposite for use in the work of environmental protection and containment.

The versatility of resources and the expertise of our staff provide the right solution for each of the problems caused by the industrial waste management, and allow us to address the integrated management of waste generated by any industry, making us the company greater flexibility in media sector in Spain.


Be a leader in the field of geosynthetics engineering staff in Europe with prestige and innovative installation techniques.


We respect our employees because we value their efforts and recognize their rights. We know that respect for helping to maintain a healthy team communication.

We work together, seeking the optimal organization leading to a better working environment that moves to improve our customer service. Teamwork puts into practice the concept of synergy, to enhance the results, and allows individual growth and the implementation of respect, friendliness and the performance of the work. Ethics, Professionalism, create value, we are leaders.

Social Responsibility

As members of a society, willing to improve the quality of life of people in the vicinity of our work. Engineering Borealia interacts with waste collectors and sorters, are concerned with their integration into society, improve their working conditions remembering that it is their only source of income every day.

Thus supports the depressed areas, changing the concept of recycling as an option worthy work.